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Grant Cox 'Touch' - the new single from the Adam Rifkin / Penn Jillette film 'Director's Cut'

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'Touch' featured on Director's Cut Soundtrack

My song 'Touch' is featured on the soundtrack for the new film 'Director's Cut' - directed by Adam Rifkin with screenplay by Penn Jillette. 

The film stars magicians Penn & Teller, Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin and Hayes MacArthur. 

At the Chicago film premiere with director Adam Rifkin and magician Penn Jillette

It's a 'genre-bending' comedy-thriller about a movie-mad stalker called Herbert Blount (played by Jillette, the talking half of Penn & Teller) who decides to kidnap his favourite actress (Missi Pyle)

Read more about 'Director's Cut' here.

DIRECTOR'S CUT: 2-disc pack DVD + Blu-ray
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Download the single 'Hard Work' on iTunes

Grant Cox - 'Hard Work' is available to download now on iTunes, Amazon and other digital vendors.

'Hard Work' evokes the best of West-Coast and New Wave rock with its hammond-organ soundscape set against a driving guitar rhythm. The track also features Cox’s signature slide-guitar playing and backing vocals from Emily Kay.

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Jackamo Brown - 'Oh No. The Drift of the World'

My good friend Jackamo Brown has released his debut album 'Oh No. The Drift of the World.'

I stopped by the sessions at London's Empire Studios to play organ and slide-guitar on the tracks 'When She Comes' and a cover of Arthur Lee's (Love) 'Five String Serenade.'

Available now from Speech Development Records. Also available on iTunes and Amazon

Read more about Jackamo Brown here.