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Download the single 'Touch' on iTunes

Grant Cox 'Touch' - the new single from the Adam Rifkin / Penn Jillette film 'Director's Cut'

Now available to download on iTunes, amazon and all the others...

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'Touch' featured on Director's Cut Soundtrack

My song 'Touch' is featured on the soundtrack for the new film 'Director's Cut' - directed by Adam Rifkin with screenplay by Penn Jillette. 

The film stars magicians Penn & Teller, Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin and Hayes MacArthur. 

It's a 'genre-bending' comedy-thriller about a movie-mad stalker called Herbert Blount (played by Jillette, the talking half of Penn & Teller) who decides to kidnap his favourite actress (Missi Pyle)

At the Chicago film premiere with director Adam Rifkin and magician Penn Jillette

Read more about 'Director's Cut' here.

Visit the Epic Pictures website for info on screenings and VOD availability.

Surrey Close-Up Magic Competition Finalist

Watch the video from my card magic performance at the Surrey Close-Up Magic evening. 

If you're looking for magical entertainment for your event - check out my magic page for more info.  

Download the single 'Hard Work' on iTunes

Grant Cox - 'Hard Work' is available to download now on iTunes, Amazon and other digital vendors.

'Hard Work' evokes the best of West-Coast and New Wave rock with its hammond-organ soundscape set against a driving guitar rhythm. The track also features Cox’s signature slide-guitar playing and backing vocals from Emily Kay.

Preview 'Hard Work' on:

Jackamo Brown - 'Oh No. The Drift of the World'

My good friend Jackamo Brown has released his debut album 'Oh No. The Drift of the World.'

I stopped by the sessions at London's Empire Studios to play organ and slide-guitar on the tracks 'When She Comes' and a cover of Arthur Lee's (Love) 'Five String Serenade.'

Available now from Speech Development Records. Also available on iTunes and Amazon

Read more about Jackamo Brown here.